Picking A Bow For Archery Curling

Curling is a classic game. If you don’t know, it is essentially a target game. Players slide stones, objects, or whatever across the floor and try to get closest to the center of a target. The closer you get, the more points you get. This sounds like a perfect match for archery to us! Just stick a target on something and start shooting. The person with the closest hit will win the point. If you are looking to get better at archery, turning it into a game can make it a fun process!

So what kind of bow do we pick out for this game? The obvious choice is a compound bow. It seems to be what most archers pick out to start with, as we believe it has a fairly low barrier to entry and isn’t too expensive to start out with. They are also fairly easy to grow with. If you start out with a low draw weight and eventually move up with your strength, you may want a bow with a heavier draw weight. This isn’t possible with every bow too, and with compound bows you can find this ability with most options out there.

Of course there is also the longbow. This may be more of a challenge for those just getting into the sport, but still an excellent option. Many people like to go for them too as they are more traditional, and they like to keep away from a lot of the new technology crossbows or compound bows may have. The best longbow for this will be one that is very accurate. Since this is a target game, speed isn’t going to be the top factor here, so getting something that is very stable is going to be your best bet for doing well.

So how big is archery curling going to get? Well, with the recent Hunger Games movies, archery is getting more and more popular. Undoubtedly, some of those people will move their way to curling.Team USA even has a page dedicated to curling on their website. If it is getting onto national teams, then the game likely isn’t going away anytime soon. If you check the London Olympics in 2012, archery curling was a pretty big hit there too. In the coming years we expect it to continue to take off in a big way. Make sure you pick up your bow and get started with the games!